The following table contains statements from the Signatories to the Best Practice Principles for Shareholder Voting Research.

Each of the Signatories hosts a copy of their Best Practice Principles Statement(s) on their own website. We have, in addition, provided copies on this single page. In addition to the narrative statement, each signatory may provide a summary table of compliance.

Signatory Download Last Update  Signatory Web Link Feedback Contact
EOS Statement Mar 2022 Link
Glass Lewis Statement Jan 2022 Link
ISS Statement Feb 2022 Link
Minerva Statement Oct 2021 Link
PIRC Statement May 2022 Link

Any Questions?

Questions in respect of each statement should be sent to the specified contact point for each organisation in the first instance.

The Best Practice Principles Group has an agreed complaints procedure in the event that an individual organisation fails to respond to legitimate concerns raised with them. For more details, please visit the Complaints & Feedback page.