Engagement and feedback are integral to understanding the role and work of the shareholder voting research providers. To that end, the BPP Group (BPPG) encourages all stakeholders to contribute to the conversation with meaningful feedback. In this way we can consider updates to the Principles based on factual evidence. The BPPG is approaching feedback in five ways:

  • Direct feedback to individual members
  • Collective feedback to the Group members
  • Complaints procedure
  • Group monitoring of the implementation of the Principles
  • Biennial review and consultation based on the prior two years operation

Individual Firm Engagement

Please contact the relevant signatory firm directly using the email provided on the Signatory Statements page. Although individual signatories share their individual feedback statistics to the entire Group, please use the Group Engagement procedure if your issue or concern is generic to the industry rather than focusing on one particular firm as a conduit to the rest of the Group.

Group Engagement

Group engagement is simply a matter of submitting feedback via email to: committee[at]bppgrp[dot]info The BPPG will consider all substantiated comments and feedback provided as it arises and will consider all reasonable and appropriate measures to address the good governance and integrity of the industry as a whole. Please be advised that the group feedback opportunity is not a substitute for individual engagement with specific group members. It it is expected that the normal complaints or feedback procedure of each group member will have been exhausted before issues are raised with the group. Individual group members will be feeding any directly received feedback into the Group monitoring process. Similarly if you would like to provide the Group with any feedback regarding the individual process we would be happy to hear from you.

Complaints Procedure

The Group operates a formal complaints procedure for stakeholders who feel that individual firm engagement has not resolved their concern. Details can be found here >>

Implementation Monitoring

In addition to monitoring individual cases, the BPP Group has developed a framework to facilitate assessment for how each Signatory has implemented the Principles and related Guidance. Each signatory has published their framework document here >>

Biennial Review

Finally, as is common with most corporate governance and stewardship codes, the BPPG will undertake a formal biennial review of the Principles. This will also include a review of the results of ESMA’s independent review of the Principles and other market developments. Any potential updates to the Principles and related Guidance will be subject to a stakeholder consultation.