Welcome to the website for the  Best Practice Principles for Shareholder Voting Research Providers.

The Best Practice Principles Group (BPPG) was formed in February 2013  to promote greater understanding of the corporate governance or ESG  research and support services provided to professional investors and other capital markets participants.

Some industry participants may be known as “proxy advisors” or “proxy advisers“, however, the business models of the BPP signatories is extremely varied – some make recommendations and give advice, others provide research, data and vote administration. 

Global standards for shareholder voting research

The Group and the Principles are global in outlook and membership. Any organisation which supports investors in their stewardship or governance responsibilities is welcome to become a signatory and participate in the on-going development of the Principles, irrespective of domicile, coverage or business model.

Governance arrangements

The Group is governed by the active signatories to the Principles; if you would like further information about the Principles please visit our FAQ pages.

2017 Consultation feedback

After the first two full years of operation, the Best Practice Principles Group has undertaken a public stakeholder consultation to review the implementation of the Principles.

Find out more at our dedicated consultation page >>

 For more information please email us committee (at) bppgrp (dot) info